Your Flex UI v2 Migration

Twilio Flex has launched its biggest upgrade since its initial release with the introduction of the Twilio Flex UI v2.

With several new features and enhancements, this major upgrade promises to deliver improved accessibility and reliability, driving direct results in your business.

As a trusted Twilio Gold Partner, Zing have managed Flex UI v2 migrations for many organisations since the announcement was first made in 2022.

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What does Twilio Flex UI v2 Include?

Conversations API

Conversations API

Under Twilio Flex UI v1, messaging channels required separate integrations and setup.

With the transition to Flex UI v2, the Conversations API replaces the Chat API, allowing for more advanced interaction management. Now, all channels, such as Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp, can be managed within a single conversation.

User Interface Rebuild

A brand new UI framework is enabled to revolutionise the way individuals interact with Flex, allowing customers to fully conform with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards.

In short, this provides a more accessible, inclusive platform for Agents, without complex development – all wrapped up with a modern look and feel!

Twilio Flex UI 2.0
Enhanced Developer Tools for Flex UI 2.0

Enhanced Build Tools

With a modern architecture, Flex UI v2 is built on the latest versions of all key platforms, providing developers (like us!) the opportunity to take advantage of these latest package updates in the ongoing build and maintenance of your Twilio Flex instance.

Coupled with a brand new plugin library created by the team at Twilio, developers building on Flex can benefit from templated build components to speed-up and simplify the rollout of new features.

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