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buildNow is a plug-and-play service that makes building Flex contact centres simple.

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buildNow is the culmination of years of experience and hundreds of deployments of Twilio and Flex.

"We've brought together the best practices in an easy to deploy package, ready for you to hit the ground running while customising and expanding to your needs," says Paul Johnson, Zing Head of Product.

Zing is proud to be an accredited Twilio Preferred partner. This accreditation puts us amongst the most experienced and committed Twilio partners in the world. So you can be confident that you're engaging with Flexperts.

Your Twilio time machine

Flex made easy


Pick the features you need.


You own the code.

Cost effective

Priced per plug-in.


A library of Flex features.


Your dev team.


Ongoing Zing Care.


3 simple steps

1. Discover

We discuss your requirements, you pick your quick wins from our Flex plug-in library, and we identify where more bespoke enhancements may be required.

2. Build

We get to work installing your chosen plug-ins and shaping your customised contact centre. It’s a fully transparent process, so you can check in on the build at any time.

3. Deploy

We assist with deployment, taking you through a detailed handover and identifying ways to scale your setup. Then it’s over to you and your agents, with ongoing Zing Care support.

Customer success

Daniel Graham

CTO, Car Finance 247

"What Zing has helped us achieve with Twilio Flex has been transformative. The improvement to our quotes process cannot be overstated, and I’m incredibly proud of all involved."

Alasdiar Stewart

Head of National Services, Age UK

“ If someone said we could move our highest volume and most complex telephone lines in only eight to twelve weeks, we would've said, ‘yeah, that's never happening’ but with the help of Zing, that's what we achieved. It was brilliant.”

Jenny Worwood

Head of Supporter Relations, Oxfam

“The difference maker has been Zing. They know Twilio inside and out, which is vital as it’s the small but important things that radically improve the customer and agent experience. It is just a brilliant working relationship."


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Whether you’re completely new to Flex or a seasoned pro, buildNow gives you Flex features, faster.

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What is buildNow?

buildNow is an underlying platform that allows us to roll-out a standard set of features, with a full styling suite and centralised settings area for each customer.

Who is buildNow for?

If you don't have a wide infrastructure team or an inhouse team of developers but want to get the best out of Flex, then buildNow is for you.

We have built a lot of Flex contact centres; a lot of the functionality is the same. We decided to standardise those parts.

So, rather than reinventing the wheel on common functionality, you can put resource towards building the game-changing, differentiating customer experiences.

How do I get started?

Download the buildNow product guide and arrange a demo, where we can give you an in-depth run-through and answer any questions you may have.

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Schedule an in-depth of the platform that's making Flex simple for organisations around the world. Flex features, faster.

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With buildNow, Flex customers speed up their go-live date. Well done Zing team!

Prateek Sharma

Twilio Partnerships and Alliances

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